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Preparing for Job Interview by Ken Mc Cormick

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on July 2, 2010

Preparing for a job interview? Good for you! You’ll want to be comfortable talking about anything that you have included on your resume, particularly why you left previous jobs. If you have employment gaps, this is another thing you should be ready to explain.

If you have employment gaps, which are periods in which you were not working, try to explain this in a positive light. This is not necessarily a terrible thing, but should be explained on the interview.

You’ll want to be able to discuss what you were doing during the period of unemployment in the most positive light. Do be honest, but do not complain or put a negative spin on the experience.

Maybe you were at home with your children while looking for employment. It is acceptable to explain that finding suitable employment can take time, but it gave you an opportunity to focus on family.

Did you find time during your employment gap to work on your skill set by taking classes or workshops? This would certainly be a positive thing to talk about.

If you have long period of unemployment, this could make it harder to get the actual interview. One method of breaking through this barrier is to include a brief explanation of the period of unemployment in your cover letter or on the resume.

So what other questions may be asked about your resume? This is very situation-dependent. It can be helpful to have a friend look at your resume and tell you what questions come to mind.

The last thing you want to do on an interview is have a hard time explaining what is on your own resume. If you had someone else prepare your resume, you should be especially careful to make sure that you are prepared to discuss anything and everything on your resume. Good luck!

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ken_McCormick

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