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Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on August 23, 2010

The unemployment rate in St. Charles County is currently at ten (10%) percent. Recently Charlie Gitto opened a new restaurant and over 4,000 applicants applied. Since the pool of potential job seekers is so high, they will need to be well prepared. Connections to Success Employment Specialist Jason Cleveland, assist job seekers in learning how to eliminate barriers to employment in a four (4) week employment workshop series. The series covers everything from job search strategy to the actual interview. Participants learn that they can use these strategies to search for employment positions regardless of experience level or industry. The class provides information for online employment search as well.

The next session, “Resume Refinement” will explain the two types of resumes and assist the job seeker in deciding which resume would best suit their needs. The last sessions will discuss interview techniques. This session covers professional dress, researching the company, verbal and non-verbal communication skills. They also participate in mock interviews in order to receive feed back regarding their strengths and weakness in an interview setting. The employment workshop series is open to the community. Contact Connections to Success to register for classes at (636)940-8027.

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