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5 Knock Out Factors That Could Cost You the Job

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on August 28, 2010

These 5 things are reasons the interviewer could decide not to hire you without you even saying a word. Actions speak louder than words.  If you display these wrong actions at an interview, you are telling the interviewer not to hire you.

Poor or inappropriate appearance– Can prevent you from getting the job you want. Look professional at your interview remove any body jewelry( No piercings). Don’t wear too much cologne or perfume. Don’t show up to the interview drunk or high. Most employers have policies that prohibit drug use of their employees.  Men should wear a shirt and tie with dress slacks. Women have a few more choices if your wear a dress or skirt wear pantyhose. Your shoes should be polished. Get a good night’s rest don’t show up looking sleepy or tired. Wear a smile when you greet people at the company.

Weak or ” wet fish” handshake- This gesture is important because it officially signals the beginning of the interview. You want your handshake to be firm and not over powering.

Being late for the interview- You should always arrive at an interview 10-15 minutes before time. There are a lot of things you can do to avoid this from happening. Drive the route the day before, so you will know how long it takes to get.  Getting lost is no excuse, print out the directions from yahoo or google driving directions. You can even send the directions to your cell phone depending you your carrier. Buy a GPS or call ahead and ask for directions.

Failure to look directly at the interviewer- If you do not maintain eye contact with the interview it could be perceived as you  are not interested in the job or dishonest. Good eye contact shows that you are actively listening to what is said.

Lack of Maturity– Failure to be prepared for the interview demonstrates a  lack of maturity, simply meaning you are not ready for the job you applied for. Failure to be ready is being late for the interview.  Not researching the company culture and showing up for the interview with poor or inappropriate appearance,  displays a lack of maturity.

Based on the List for “Why Qualified Applicants Don’t Get Hired – Knock Out Factors” from SLATE Missouri Career Center, Career Success Strategies

Reprinted from The People’s Employment Journal

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