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Dressing for Your Success

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on August 29, 2010

Congratulations on your new job. Head to  your closet. If you don’t have any thing contact Dress for Success Midwest or your local Dress for Success affiliate. Your boss should have told you what the appropriate clothing is , and now you have a responsibility to wear that type of clothing. Before your first paycheck arrives local thrift stores and second-hand clothing stores are affordable places  to shop.

There is no doubt that choosing what to wear to the workplace is a source of anxiety but determining what you should and should not wear will only a take a visit to your closet.

The solution to any outfit is to KISS it! Keep It Simple and Sophisticated!

When selecting a outfit for the workplace, keep in mind the following colors: black , navy blue, charcoal gray, khaki, and white. While a different  color can look great, these basic and workplace friendly colors are a sure hit. Check off  the following general workplace wardrobe basic that will get you dressed for your first day on the job:

  • Dark unpatterned suit
  • Black or brown belt
  • Black or brown leather dress shoes (heels no higher than 2 inches or flats)
  • Knee – length skirts ( or longer)
  • Black, brown, navy, and khaki pants
  • Dress shirts and blouses
  • Skin tone and black hosiery
  • Trench coat
  • Dark colored winter gloves
  • Dark colored umbrella
  • Watch with black leather or metal ( sliver or gold tome) band
  • Briefcase/professional handbag
  • Accessory scarves
  • Simple jewelry- nothing too outlandish

When planning your workplace wardrobe, try to avoid these fashion mistakes:

  • Too tight, too short and low cut tops and pants
  • Excessive use of bright colors and wild patterns
  • Noisy jewelry that signals your arrival with clinking sounds
  • Spiky, strappy sandals- these are not appropriate for the workplace
  • Overly trendy styles- when they fall out of fashion, will give you a ‘ dated” appearance

No matter what you chose to wear , you have a responsibility to present yourself with confidence and professionalism. Remember, neatness always counts!

You and your clothes should be clean everyday. If you are in doubt whether you should wear something to be office, ask first, or leave it at home. A sage approach is to see how your boss or boss’ boss are dressed when you arrive at the workplace, or ask your supervisor when he or she offers  you the job. if you want to impress. Your boss will notice!

Reprinted from Steps to Success A Guide to Success in the workplace

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  1. Tracy Banks said

    wonderful advice!

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