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Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on September 8, 2010

Phone Etiquette

Most companies have protocols for answering the telephone. If you are the first person to pick up the phone, you are likely to make  the first impression of a caller has of your company.  Be a positive  example of what  your company has to offer. Many different greetings are acceptable, but make sure to say your name and , more importantly, the company’s name.

Make sure you remember  the following:

  • Stop whatever else you are doing.
  • Speak clearly into the receiver
  • Be upbeat

These tips also apply to message on your voice mail. When you record a greeting for your company voice mailbox, use the following example to create your own personal message, ” This is  {insert name} in the {insert name} department at { insert company name}. Please leave a message and I’ll return your call as soon as possible. Thank you.”

How to Be a Good Office Conversationalist

  1. Talk about many topics such as weather, sports , entertainers, etc.
  2. Don’t repeat office gossip.
  3. Know when and when not , to discuss business.
  4. Involve everyone in the conversation.
  5. Know when to wrap up your conversations.

Keep your personal calls to an absolute minimum while at the workplace. There is a  time and place to make personal calls. Never interrupt a meeting to answer your phone or cell phone. keep your cell phone off or non mute while in the office. Use the lunch break for personal business, including phone calls. If you must take a personal call on the job, try to remove yourself from coworkers or shut your office door.
Now that you are working , you will have to inform your children of your new added responsibilities. Educate them on phone etiquette, when and how often you and they can call and what constitutes and emergency.

In recent years, the use of cell phones has increased substantially. In fact , some companies may provide employees with mobile telephones for work-related reasons ( such as office travel, meetings). Even thought employers often belive there is a place for cell phones within the company, it is important to remember that the place to use it is when you are alone. As with all phone calls , respect others; right not to hear your conversation. Always turn off your cell phone when in a meeting if you forget, quickly apologize and silence the ringing. if you must take a call while public, whether in a meeting or at your desk, excuse yourself from other people and make the call short and to the point. It’s a good idea to check with your company to learn it’s cell phone etiquette rules and exceptions.

Reprinted from Steps to Success: A Guide to Success in the Workplace

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