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Recap of PWG Success Summit

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on September 23, 2010

The focus of the Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women’s Group (PWG) 6th annual success summit was to answer the question ” What is the difference between power and empowerment?” The answer is the 7 pillars of  Success : Partnership, presence, priorities, planning, and personality, progress, and professional development.

The first session of the summit was  ” Figuring It all Out with Angela Castellani of YSC. She explained the G.R.E.A.T. method for setting goals. The first step is to set your goal.  Next determined ,what Role do you play in fueling goals? What are your Expectations?  After you have answered those questions you are ready to Take Action. Finally consider your team relationships. Lobster explained,  “The suggestions Castellani made during her presentation can be used in personal goals, professional especially when setting goals for the Community Action Project( CAP). Allsion and Tracey Thile of Zeno group shared a presentation on networking, which available through our file cabinet on this site. They discussed the importance of networking on and off-line. They explained how to use twitter for networking. Networking is vital for progress, professional development. It sets the foundations for partnerships.

Women Empowered to Make a difference

In the session “Women Empowered to Make a difference”, a panel of women who shared on the (7)seven  pillars of Success (Partnership,Presence,Priorities, Planning, Personality, Progress, and Professional Development). DfS chairwoman Nikki Leondakis discussed how her personality, affected her progress and how her professional development helped her turn things around. She shared that her professional journey has not been with out it’s struggle.

Leondakis explained about how she dealt with challenge of having immigrants parents, who were from Greece. She talked about how she dealt with abuse growing up. As a result of living in an abusive household she became rebellious against authority. She discovered her issues were leaking out in the workplace. Leondakis was a good employee, but management could not give feed back with out her getting defensive.

She began to turn her life around when she realized  it was her job t make herself well.. First, she had to work on her self-esteem. Personal growth opened the doors to success for her. Through counseling she was able to learn compassion and to allow others to have a different world views. Leondakis explained for her personal development was essential to her professional development.

Da Vida Rice, legal counsel for Harpro,  explained about the importance of planning, progress and professional development. Rice stressed the significance having a plan. She told us her strong work ethic is what helped her to progress. She said professional development is vital that is why she finds opportunities to learn something new. She shared how her faith enabled her to progress. Rice also credited mentoring with helping her career progress. She talked about how networking can help you progress career wise.
Rice defined Power as the ability to do or action.

Attorney Carolyn Clift shared “4 Things a woman should know”:  How to look like a girl, How to work like a dog. How to think like a man. How to act like lady. Clift explained that as she progressed in life she discovered the list should include , ” how to empower yourself.”

Clift explained how partnership, planning and personal development helped her achieve success. She talked about how she partnered with a study buddy in college. Clift explained that networking helped her to get a job in Illinois state attorney’s office. She explained that relationship building is the key to networking.

Clift stated there were several behaviors that were essential to her progress. Clift explained that taking risk creates the opportunity for in our career. She said learning is vital to progress.
She also stated that she had to use outside resources to fulfill her duties. She talked about asking the hard questions. Clift provided an example of how networking helped her land a job in the Illinois state attorney’s office. She explained learning to respectfully disagree with others aided her progress as well. Clift  ending  by sharing the community service was important to her because it allowed her the opportunity to stretch and grow herself.

Marcia Wyett is a Paralegal in the Labor, Employment and Benefits department at The Boeing Company. Wyett shared about how she overcame obstacles as being from an immigrant family. She talked about how networking was important for her career progress.

The panel was made of women who have used the seven pillar of success to achieve great things careers wise.

Ly Syin Lobster is the Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women’s Group delegate for 2011. She is public relations specialist, blogger, and free-lance journalist.

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