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The power of Transformation & More

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on September 24, 2010

Connie Lindsey our key-note speaker on Saturday morning for the Success Summit discussed the power of transformation. She touched on the 7 pillars of success but mainly focuses on how personality affects progress.

Lindsey defined transformation as an in depth change happens at the very cellular level of our being. Lindsey stated, she has formerly been involved in an organization called bottomless closet that is similar to Dress for Success. Bottomless Closet aids women with professional wardrobe.
She stated that “as a servant leader we must be present , engage and connect, to change and help in another’s life.” Lindsey explained that position is important for transformation. She added, “We must be positioned to present out gifts to the world.” She described how partnerships are essential to transformation, ” Lindsey stated, “When we come together for the force of good, we are unstoppable.” She explained, “We have the resources .. we must exercise our will and think about possibility”.

Lindsey shared pearls of wisdom in giving us acronyms such as: Laboring Under Correct Knowledge (LUCK). She encouraged women to be the sheros of their own story. Lindsey explained the 4 keys to transformation are the power of belief, commitment to excellence, perseverance and love.

Women Who Rule the World

Following Lindsey ‘s keynote address Stephanie Clark, National director of Project Single Mom and Project Working Mom spokesperson lead a session on priorities titled ” Women who rule the World and the steps to achieve success keys to higher education and work life.” Clark shared that project working mom and e learners did research to see what barriers were keeping moms from pursuing education. They discovered the barriers were time, money, and confidence. They are offering scholarships to moms. The application consists of writing a 1500 word essay about going back to school and how it could help.The deadline for the project working mom scholarships is September 30, 2010.

She asked several questions, “Can we have it all?” Followed by, “Do we deserve it all .” The last two questions where “Do we want it all?” and “How do we keep in all and mange it all.” She shared the that the seven (7) pillars of success were the key to having it all. Clark said, “that planning helped her achieve her goals”. She said she had been planning to open her own Public Relations Firm since high school.

Clark explained that in order to have it all, first we must define what, “it all is”. Then discover our purpose or calling. Next position yourself for opportunities. Change and transitions are part of the process. She suggested that it is important to discover what you are passionate about. She stated the obstacles to having it all are fear and comfort. Clark explained how strategic positioning (Getting in the right rooms with the right people) is important to achieve success. She suggested to achieve success, “do your research”. Clark explained that you do your research by planting seeds, doing research and writing a plan. After that you create relationships and maintain them.She stated the last key to success is being your own spokesperson. Clark advised how you do that is by being believable, passionate, and sincere.

She dicussed about how the seven pillars of success applied to the concept of having it all.

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