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Success Summit Sunday Morning Speaker

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on October 7, 2010

At the last day of the Dress for Success, Success Summit. Sunday’s Inspirational key note speaker Rae Lewis -Thornton focused on progress. Thrornton explained, “My Life is not my own.” She described about how she overcame obstacles of all kinds. Thornton She talked about how she was sexually, emotionally, and psychically abused from age 5 to 17. Thornton shared that therapy is necessary to deal with and heal from sexual abuse.

She explained, “That we all have a history and it’s standing on something I have history with God.” She told us how faith and character helped overcome. Thornton said her grandmother was instrumental in encouraging her faith.

Thronton stated, ” What ever your struggle know that you will be fighting against that Demon all of your life.” She explained about the consequences of living with AIDS. She shared candidly about how the disease caused people to suffered with diarrhea. Despite dealing with direatha Thorton lead an active life. She talked about how the first few times she had diarrhea she was able to wash up and not be embarrassed, just in convenient.

Thornton shared about how diarrhea hit when she was in a restaurant having dinner. She went to the bathroom and set in her mess in the stall. Trying to figure out what to do. She said the lesson from this was, ” Sometimes you have to sit still in your mess, figure out your next move…this situation I’m in … i have to sit still an think about my next move. She then preceded to be humble and wash up in the toilet. She washed and flushed.

Thornton explained the importance of respecting public space. She went on to tell how she washed out her panties and wrapped them up in toilet paper and put them in her pocket . Even though she was going to discard them. She said she didn’t discard them at the restaurant because, she had to realize how her actions affected others.
This made me think about how personally pride has caused me to rush and my mess has affected others as a result.

Thornton explained God always has a plan. his time it not ours, his ways are not ours! She encouraged” be willing to tell your story, your life is not your own. She did not share the story at first, but once she started sharing it she realized she was helping others. She said an actress heard her story and developed into a project about women and AIDS. Thornton explained she praised God because the actress was able to reach a group, she couldn’t.
Thornton explained to Ebony, “I want people to say, ‘She took the adversities in her life and she used them for the goodness of God.'”

For more information about living with AIDS check out Thorton’s blog.

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