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Go with the Flow How to Deal with Changes on the Job

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on October 14, 2010

One thing you can count on in life and at work is that things will change. Just when you get used to something, you have to learn something new. Depending on how you look at change, it can give you a headache or it can be a terrific opportunity to grow and learn new skills and develop new competence. Here are some pointers for dealing successfully, and beneficially, with changes in your job:

· Recognize flexibility as a basic job skill. Being flexible in times of change is smart strategy.  Remember the old story about the two trees in the storm: The sapling bent in the wind and survived.  The stiff old tree snapped.

· Give change a chance.  Don’t dig in your heels or bad mouth changes.  Give them time to take effect.  After they get used to changes, people usually come to value the benefits of a change (time savings, less effort, etc.) and wonder why they ever resisted it in the first place.

· Remember that nobody expects you to be an expert right away. Don’t expect to be able to navigate through these new waters like a pro right away. It takes a little time to learn new procedures, equipment, systems, etc.  You’ll be up to speed soon enough. Make the effort to learn the new information and skills.

Ask for help-and offer to help others. Ask a lot of questions-even if you have to ask the same question several times before the answer makes sense. The other side of this coin is that one excellent way to adjust to change is to help co-workers adjust.  So do what you can to help others accept and realize the benefits from changes.


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