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Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on October 16, 2010

When you empower a woman you empower a family, when you empower a family you
empower and entire community. Hillary Clinton

Anne Murray a member of Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women’s Group
(PWG) is an example of that. When first introduced to PWG she had  all kinds of
obstacles such as legal, housing, and more.  Murray has been gainfully employed
for  5+ years at the same company. She has become a success story. Murray
achieved her goal of going back to school to get her degree in Criminal Justice.
Since attending school she is in the Honors Program and was inducted into the
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

Murray started attending PWG  2004. In 2006 she was recognized for her
leadership abilities and  asked to participate in The Leading Ladies program
that encouraged women to become leaders in their community. The Leading Ladies
program was a 9 month intensive program. The curriculum  focused on being a
board member for non profits and how to impact the community. After completing
the program Murray put her skills to work by being on the planning committee for
several of Connections to Success entry level women’s conferences. In 2009, she
was co -host of H.O. P. E. Summit.

She stated , “Being a part of PWG has provided me with many opportunities. Since
I have been affiliated with PWG I have receive professional attire,
participated in “90 days to Launch” a class for female entrepreneurs, member of
the “WI$E Up” a financial empowerment course for women, which all have helped me

Murray explained, “ I am glad we participate in Dress for Success World wide
community action project challenge each year. It gives us an opportunity to give
back to the community. This year we are giving back to homeless and this is a
chance to make a real difference. I was homeless before,  I can relate to the
people we are serving this year. I have overcome obstacles and I know we will be
able to assist the  homeless women to overcome their obstacles.”


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