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Her Startup and Connections to Success partner to advise prospective businessowners

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on October 17, 2010

Khrystina Vaughan, founder of Her Startup, is dedicated to helping women launch, grow and give back through business. She is aware of the issues facing women worldwide as they struggle to provide for themselves and their families.

That is why she established a partnership with Connections to Success. Through their partnership, seven women recently were able to attend 90 Days to Launch, a 12-week intensive program that took female entrepreneurs from the planning stage to daily business operations.

The 90 Days to Launch program featured four guest speakers. Steve Balsarotti, an attorney with Polster, Lieder, Woodruff & Lucchesi, talked with the women about intellectual property and other legal concerns.

Linda Jacobsen, founder and president of Global Vision Strategies, delivered information on global business and cultural diversity.

Norma Boozer of National City Bank spoke on building business and personal credit.

Mary Baum of Mary Baum Creative Services did a presentation on marketing and market research.

A graduation ceremony was held at the Airport Renaissance Hotel for the women entrepreneurs who participated. Kathy Lambert, co-director of Connections to Success, gave the welcome and introduced Khrys Vaughan. Vaughan shared her passion about women’s economic status in this world through the statics she shared.

She said, “70 percent of the world’s population is in poverty and two-thirds of those are women.” Vaughan shared a story about a woman in Ghana who used an empty water bottle to start a pancake business, which allowed her to support her family.

Angela Lieb of LifeWorks Business Center was the keynote speaker for the graduation. Lieb told graduates, “This is the best time to start a business, despite the economy.”

Lieb shared the five keys to success for entrepreneurs n character, networking, experience, resources and personal brand. She said that it is important to have multiple streams of incomes: “You’ve got to have a couple of buckets.”

Lieb encouraged the graduates to admire women who continue to thrive despite their circumstances, like the woman from Ghana in the story Vaughan shared. She also said that new entrepreneurs should not be scared because “your experience is unique and valuable.”

Lieb asked the graduates to do a 30-second introduction. Ronda Fitch of My Kitchen to Yours said she wants people to have fun in the kitchen, bringing families back to the table. Her vision for giving back is to be able to assist people with utility bills so they can cook and be comfortable. Samples of her zucchini and banana nut bread were delicious. She sold all 20 loaves before the ceremony ended.

Entrepreneur graduate Jana Gamble is launching a new venture, One World One Race, to promote diversity, unity, equality and spirituality.

Anne Murray will soon launch Knights by Murray, providing medical garments for men in the health care industry. She states her clothes will “bring out the Knight” in men. Murray will give back by working with ex-offenders of non-violent crimes that are re-entering society.

Kari Pruitt, owner of Kari of Denmark, has an organizing and cleaning business, but also stages homes. She said she is organizing this town one space at a time. Pruitt wants to give back to the community by holding free seminars on organization for women.

Minister Gwendolyn Foster is giving back through her ministry, Set the Caged Bird Free, by providing services for the ensnared and emotionally wounded.

Joyce Marchand of Inspire Me Photography assists organizations with fundraisers combining her inspirational photography with motivational or scriptural prose.

Unfortunately, Kim Manoogian, life coach, was unable to attend the graduation.

For more information about Her Startup or 90 Days to Launch, contact Khrys Vaughan at 314-714-5675 or email Khrys@herstartup.com

Reprinted From the St. Louis American

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