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Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on October 22, 2010

In the beginning, there were two major online job search engines: Monster and Careerbuilder. Over time, many other job search engines were created. Jobseekers can be overwhelmed by the number and variety of online job search sites available. Another frustration often experienced is finding quality job postings. Some sites include very little information with their job postings. Often, applicants submit resumes only to find the job posting was no longer open or valid.

Here are a few tips to improve online job searches:

1. Research first. Narrow your search to those jobs or categories based on your skill set. Research companies and determine which type of company best meets your needs. What benefits matter to you? Are you looking for companies that provide flexible scheduling, onsite childcare, travel opportunities, etc? Once you know what you are looking for – you are ready to start an online search.

2. Online Resume Websites. Utilize online sites like Koda, Monster and VirtualCV to showcase your skills and conduct job searches. These sites are convenient because they let you post your resume and conduct job searches from one website.

3. Leverage Professional Social Networks. LinkedIn and Plaxo are two of the largest online professional networking sites and should be used in your job search. LinkedIn has a robust job search engine. Once you find a job that interests you, LinkedIn shows who in your professional network is employed at or connected to that particular company. You can contact your LinkedIn connections for additional information about the job and/or the company. Plaxo is very similar to LinkedIn. It has a job search feature within its site. Again, you can leverage professional connections to get information on a particular job opening or company.

4. Industry Specific Job Search Engines. Sites like Dice.com (information technology jobs) or HigherEdjobs.com (education jobs) provide job postings specific to one industry. Other sites like Indeed.com and Linkup.com allow you to conduct searches in a particular field or industry. Linkup.com is accessible by visiting the website directly or linking it to your current Facebook account. Indeed.com takes job searching a step further by allowing you to save searches and have updates e-mailed to you.

Take the time to research and create a good job search strategy. These simple tips will save time and reduce frustration.

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