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She is my Inspiration

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on October 22, 2010

She’s my inspiration but she’ll never even know it- you see I’ve never personally met her, but watching her, knowing her drive and struggles she faces causes me to face those- then seeming insignificant challenges in my hard dealt life.

You see it’s not so hard any more when I look at all she faces, ya see it’s not such a bad hand I’ve been given when I see the cards that she’s layed down. It’s more about how you play your cards anyway and not just about what you’re dealt.

She’s my inspiration

I come home and kick off my heels and complain about how it seems like there should be less mess and how I’m tired of this ol’ dishwasher because it never gets my dishes clean.

She kicks her heels up on a park bench and pries her tattered shoes off her severely blistered heels until an officer tells her she can’t be here because this is private property. She gets back up and walks around hoping to find somewhere safe and warm to sleep tonight.

She is my inspiration

She is my inspiration because she finally got the courage to leave him. Even though he had withdrawn all her money and told her she wouldn’t make it on her own.

She is my inspiration because she doesn’t walk alone but with a set of size 12 little girls shoes that she makes sure get to the school every day and on time.

She is my inspiration because she won’t let anything stand in her way from showing her baby girl that her God will protect them and make a way out of no way for them.

She is my inspiration because she took a coupon from a stranger she met at the soup kitchen and found herself standing in front of Dress for Success.

She is my inspiration because she took that coupon from a stranger, that gave her a suit, that landed her a job, that gave her the income that enabled her to get her own home, that gave her a place to park her new car, that gave her and her baby girl hope to move on.

She is my inspiration!

She was homeless by choice. My inspiration by divination!

She is my inspiration!


Jana Gamble, is a Midwest Professional Women’s Group Member. She is the author of three books, I am a child of God, 107 ways to Give When You Think You Have Nothing to Give and Capture your Giving and Blessing, A Journaling  Journey to new discovery. Gamble writes a column in the monthly Connections Newsletter entitled “Inspirations from an Everyday Woman.”

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