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How to S.P.A.R.K. a Spectacular Life: 5 Easy Ways to Be Unstoppable

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on February 21, 2011

These 5 easy steps are your key to living out loud, reaching any goal and enjoying the ride. Patty Cook learned the hard way the high price of being stressed out, overwhelmed and feeling like she wasn’t successful no matter how hard she worked or how successful she looked to the outside world. No More!

You, too, can take control of any challenge or break free from what is stopping you from achieving your goals in life, just by learning and using these easy tools. They are designed to help you be all you can be, and bring your best to life. Sometimes it is beyond our ability to generate the spark we need to get where we want to go, and we need the help of an expert – someone who has risen from the ashes, and who can help you navigate your way through faster and easier than you can on your own.

Patty Cook, Executive Life Coach, Certified Kolbe ™ Consultant, and Inspirational Speaker, has been helping people Transform Stress into Success ™ since 1992, when she successfully recovered from her own “crash and burn.” Patty offers personal coaching, corporate training and keynote presentations, all designed to help people ignite their personal power, so they can achieve their most imaginative goals and withstand life’s greatest challenges, creating success from the inside out. Visit Patty Cook’s Life by Design website at http://www.PattyCook.com for resources and programs. You can call 636-861-9100 or send an email to info@PattyCook.com to explore ways Patty might help you be unstoppable.


Ms. Cook will be one of our featured speakers at  “Yes We Can! Women Overcoming Obstacles Conference on March 12”


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Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on February 19, 2011

There is a JOB FAIR on Thursday. Feb 24 at the Met Center 6347 Plymouth from 10-2. BJC…VERIZON..HOW SWEET THE SOUND) GRACE HILL AAA and many more. Deputy Director of EEOC also doing special workshop at 9 am on 2 nd level.

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Hopeful not Homeless

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on February 13, 2011

By PWG Member Jana Gamble

Today @S.I.S. Mentors partnered with the @Midwest Professional Women’s Group and had an amazing trip to Hopeville!! We spent an hour with the Mayor and the residents of Hopeville touring, talking, engaging, and encouraging!! Through our trip we uncovered the truths about the rumors and myths about this group of 45 “homeless” people. We’ve got it wrong folks- they ARE at home! Many of them are there by choice and do not want to leave. You can learn a lot by walking an hour in their shoes. There are 45 residents, only 7 of which are women and the Mayor is a Woman!! How cool is that! The youngest person is about 21 and the oldest is 62. Some of them have flame retardant homes, pets, spouses, families in the St. Louis area, they are skilled, talented, friendly and caring individuals. Several of them stated that this is the first time they have ever had their own home!

When we pulled up a couple of us in the car started to cry. When we left we left changed! We drove away with smiles on our faces and we grateful to make some new friends. This was a life changing experience for my family, my S.I.S. girls and my PWG sisters! We’re so grateful for this opportunity! ❤

Hopeville is in need of many items you may not think of such as: Men’s clothing, batteries (lots of them and all sizes for flashlights, etc.), socks, gloves, propane tanks, blankets, building supplies, phone cards (minute cards) and of course toiletries.

Today make an impact on our community! Show someone that there is Hope and that our community cares today!
Jana Gamble, is a Midwest Professional Women’s Group Member. She is the author of three books, I am a child of God, 107 ways to Give When You Think You Have Nothing to Give and Capture your Giving and Blessing, A Journaling  Journey to new discovery. Gamble writes a column in the monthly Connections Newsletter entitled “Inspirations from an Everyday Woman.”

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