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Sisters Impacting Sisters

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on March 23, 2011

Please Support Sisters Impacting Sisters, which was formed as a result of Dress for Success Midwest  Professional Women’s Group 2009 Community Action Project.



Assistance/Needs List


  • Photographer (NEEDED)        * Videographer (NEEDED) +need video shot of Joyce Marchand sharing her personal story healing from the suicide of her son Andrew.


  • Press Release to go out! (Thank you Ly Syin and Amie)    * Add to “Events” via Social Media
  • Word of mouth- spread the word- invite people        * Pass out info: postcards, invite cards


  • 100-200 Bags to put all Resource table materials in    * Organizations w/resources on Suicide Prevention, Nonviolence and Prevention of Violence Against Women & Girls, Anti-Bullying
  • More Scholarship $$ (We would like to award 5-6 Scholarships at $125+ minimum each)
  • Donation Buckets for collection for CHADS Coalition
  • Contact Lynn Jackson for a Resource table- Penny Drive
  • Assistance with setup Fri. April 15th 2-5 and 7-finish, Volunteers during event (8:30-3) and Clean up 3:30-finish
  • Want the following to partner with us: Youth Lifeline America, Boys & Girls Club, Andre’s MMA Anti-Bullying info, House of Refuge, Women’s Center, St. Martha’s Hall, Counseling Services, 1-2 local celebrity artists for the Celebration of Life, Anointed Feet Dancers
  • Desserts: Cake or Cupcakes and cookies, punch for Celebration of Life


Thank you all for your support, prayers and time!!

Jana M. Gamble
S.I.S. Mentors
Program Manager
w- 636.940.8027
c- 636.577.1800


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