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What We Do | Professional Women’s Group Program

Success is not only about getting a job; it’s about building a career.

The mission of the Dress for Success Professional Women’s Group (PWG) is to provide our network of employed Dress for Success women the partnership of support, practical information and inspiration to achieve self-defined success in career and life.  Women making the transition from unemployment to work face myriad challenges, from understanding corporate culture to handling personal finances, often without any support systems in place to help them navigate this daunting change. We provide our clients with information that will help women unfamiliar with the workplace continue to develop skills and advance in their careers. The PWG offers members a comfortable atmosphere in which they can share, grow and network with other women who have recently made the same transition into the workforce.

  • Membership is open to Dress for Success clients who have successfully gained employment.
  • Each regularly scheduled meeting consists of two key elements: an expert speaker leading a discussion and a networking period.
  • Monthly meetings cover a variety of subjects and activities that promote professional development. Topics include communication skills, the “unwritten rules” of the workplace, childcare issues, financial planning, stress management and juggling responsibilities, among others.
  • PWG members have access to product discounts and professional resources to help them further their personal and professional growth.

Since membership is reciprocal in every PWG location, members have an infrastructure and support system in place when they move to another part of the US, Canada or even the UK and New Zealand.

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