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Yes We Can! Women Ovecoming Obstacles

When we empower a woman, we empower a family, when we empower a family, we empower an entire community. Hillary Clinton

Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women’s Group community action project will focus on helping women, because women make up 51% of the St. Louis metropolitan population according to American Community Survey. So through investing in women we are making an impact on empowering our community. We are focusing on helping women because they are still dealing with a disproportionate share of the burden of economic hardship. The statics below give insight to the obstacles women face.

  • 10th in the earnings ratio between full time and year round employed women with men
  • 11th in the number employed in managerial or professional occupations
  • 18th in business ownership
  • 15th in the percent of women living above poverty
  • 29th in the percentage of female head of household with children and without husband
  • below 100% poverty

The statics show a need for a community action project focused on empowering women. We will assist women dealing with issues such as being homeless and women re entering society. We will provide information through our web blog and social networking, leading up to a conference with workshops on topics such as employment motivation, handling stress and other topics that will educate women on how to overcome obstacles.
Our theme this year for this blog and our community action project is “Yes We Can! Women Overcoming Obstalces.”


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