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SIS Sponsorship Information

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on March 24, 2011

S.I.S. Mentors

2011 Teens United

You or your organization/company:

  • Will have your logo on the event shirts.
  • Will be announced as a scholarship sponsor.
  • Will be listed in the press release.
  • Will be announced at the beginning and end of the event.
  • Will be listed on all event materials.
  • Will be listed on the programs.

You or your organization/company:

  • Will have your logo on the event shirts.
  • Will be announced as a scholarship sponsor.
  • Will be announced at the beginning and end of the event.
  • Will be listed on all event materials.
  • Will be listed on the programs.

You or your organization/company:

  • Will have your logo on the event shirts.
  • Will be announced at the event.
  • Will be listed on all event materials.
  • Will be listed on the programs.

You or your organization/company:

  • Will be announced at the event.
  • Will have a table to display your materials/resources
  • Will be asked to provide a minimum of 100 takeaways for attendees
  • Will be asked to provide an appetizer for 50-100 attendees
  • Will be listed on all event materials.
  • Will be listed on the programs.


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Leadership Corner by Anne Murray

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on March 14, 2011

Explaining and understanding the nature of good leadership is probably easier than practicing it. Good leadership requires deep human qualities beyond conventional notions of authority. Effective leadership does not necessarily require great technical or intellectual capacity. These attributes might help, but they are not pivotal. Good leader-ship in the modern age more importantly re quires attitudes and behaviors which characterize and relate to humanity. Good leaders are followed chiefly because people trust and respect them, rather than the skills they possess. Leaderships is about behavior first and skills second.

Anne Murray is a PWG member and will contribute monthly to PWG Newsletter.

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New Year Resolutions or a Chance at a New Beginning?

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on December 27, 2010

This is the time of year that many of us begin to focus on our New Year resolutions or our goals for the upcoming year. I find personally that New Year resolutions are quite cliche and sometimes set people up for failure.  Last year and this year, instead of “resolving”, I have put forth a list of goals or items that I want to accomplish in the following year and I have been successful with most of those items. Some of them remain a work in progress, but I try not to give up.

What is it about the New Year that makes us want to change and improve our lives? For me, I think it is because January 1st marks a the beginning of a totally new year—it gives us the option to dream big and cancel any negativity or bad news that was in the previous year. It is a hopeful and optimistic time. With the new year, we feel that we can say goodbye to the changes we didn’t get to see last year—it gives us a brand new start.

Last year, my goal was to make my blog big enough that I could eat and live off of it full-time. That has now become a reality, being as how both October, November, and December were epic months for income for TheCubicleChick.com. But this year, my goal is to grow my audience, continue to grow my voice, and learn from others who are doing wonders with their blogs. I also intend of growing my brand with a book, more videos, and doing radio and television appearances. My goals this year don’t just end with my blog—I want to grow as a lifestyle pundit and expert. I am hoping 2011 will be a year of growth for me.

Many people rely on a vision board for their goals and New Year changes. On my freelancing column on Young Black Professionals, I discussed creating a vision board. By creating the board, you put visual images or anecdotes on the board which serves as a reminder of what you want to accomplish. Seeing these visions everyday can help fuel your determination and improve your success. Mega blogger Necole Bitchie has mentioned many times that she utilizes a vision board to help propel her career. Oprah Winfrey has used a vision board as well, and we know how large she is!

I would suggest you that the to keep pushing despite any roadblocks that may appear in your way during the next year. I know personally, I have hit many roadblocks that are hard for me to rebound from. As I’ve gotten older, I don’t take no for an answer. I keep moving through another detour or method until I get the prize.

The one major thing I could say that I keep faltering on year after year is my weight. That is one goal that I have reached many times, but end up gaining it back. This year, I claim to lose the 25 lbs I’ have been trying to lose for years and I will keep it off. I am not giving in to settling for not being fit and healthy.

What are your goals for the New Year? Do you have a vision board or will you create one? Please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.


Danyelle is the founder of Show Me the Blog, the first ever blogging and social media conference in St. Louis. She is also one-half of the blogging team The Blogging Chicks.

She has worked with the following companies and brands: Lifetime Television, Creme of Nature, Essence Magazine, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Lottabody, Nailene, Shoes.com, Zoya, China Glaze, Shuttle Lotion, Save-A-Lot, Macy’s, and more. Danyelle was also chosen as one of twenty-five Midwest moms to attend Build a Bear’s Brand Workshop in June.

Danyelle is a mother of two children and is a WAHM (work at home mom). She is a decent cook, aspiring writer, best friend, daughter, granddaughter, Godmother, niece, cousin, lover, and sometime vixen.

Simply put, she is EVERY woman.

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Dress for Success Worldwide CEO Joi Gordon answers your questions and provides career tips.

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on December 3, 2010

Question #1

Some jobseekers have a very clear vision of their ideal job. What do they need to do to turn that idea into a reality?

Response #1

I have learned that in some cases a job seeker’s “ideal job” might be different than the “right job.” The only way to know the difference is through research and tapping into the networks of the industry you are interested in. By joining like-minded associations, clubs and attending industry related events, one gets a genuine feel for what the culture and expectations in that industry really are. Consistent and targeted networking lands people jobs—make sure you have this kind of network.

Question #2

There are jobseekers who lost their dream jobs because of cutbacks. How can these jobseekers take what they loved about their old jobs and apply it to new positions?

Response #2

My guess is that these particular jobseekers always brought their best self to work – day in and day out. This should never get old, regardless of the position you’re in. Loving what you do is one thing, but when you bring your best self to work, it’s a recipe that allows you to do everything better. As you get acquainted in your new position, think about how you are accustomed to bringing your best self to work and continue to do so. And you never know—the “dream job” you had could very well turn into a hobby or something to be passionate about outside of work. Keeping a balance of work and other outside interests is key—your glass should be full!

Question #3

The job market is extremely competitive for recent grads. What can recent grads do to make themselves stand out?

Response #3

Presentation is key. It’s all about how you walk into that room—and how you’re dressed does matter. I always tell women that come to Dress for Success—on that interview, look like you have the job. Recent grads can erase the interviewer’s concern that you don’t have the experience necessary to be successful in the position by looking polished and professional. Enable the interviewer to easily visualize you working for that company.

Question #4

Do you have your dream job? How have your ideas about your dream job changed as you progressed through your career?

Response #4

My work at Dress for Success has never been a job—it’s been something I wake up every morning excited to do. If my journey didn’t include Dress for Success, I would still be making a difference because that is what I am committed to doing as a person and a professional. Why do we have to dream? Start doing it! Your moment to shine is right now. Identify the path, take the steps and prepare for incoming opportunities right now. I promise you’ll love what it is you’ve decided to do. And don’t forget to keep us at Trop50 and Dress for Success posted on your success.

Question #5

How can people get more involved with Dress for Success?

Response #5

You can easily help Dress for Success right now by sharing a fabulous free online gift with the Trop50 Facebook application. For every online gift shared through December 31st, 2010, Trop50 will donate $5 to Dress for Success (up to $25,000). Logon to Facebook today and help give goodness! Thanks all!

For more Trop50 career tips from Joi and E! News host Giuliana Rancic visit Trop50.com.

Interview provided by Tropicana

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How to become happier

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on September 17, 2010

Elizabeth Reinsch, PhD, LCSW/ACSW
Human Development Specialist

University of Missouri Extension, St. Louis County

How happy are you? Why are you happy? To find out your level of happiness today, you can take a variety of surveys or questionnaires. You can find a very good online quiz on the Web at www.authentichappiness.com. This site was created by Martin Seligman, PhD, author of the book Authentic Happiness (2004), which identifies three components of happiness: meaning, pleasure, and engagement.

Seligman is known for his work on positive psychology and recent work on “happiness.” In recent years this topic has created a buzz of excitement with a vast amount of research being done. Classes, courses and even college degrees are now available.

In her 2008 book, The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want, Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD, dispels three myths of happiness. She uses a pie chart to show what determines happiness: 10 percent of happiness is determined by circumstances, 50 percent is determined by our set point, and 40 percent of happiness is determined by intentional activity.

Three myths are related to happiness, according to Lyubomirsky. First, you cannot find happiness. The reason is that it does not exist “out there,” but rather resides within us. Second, thinking “I would be happy IF_____,” or “I will be happy WHEN _____,” or waiting for our circumstances to change has little bearing on the outcome. Third, the notion we are born happy or unhappy—and believe there is little we can do about it—is false. Much research shows persuasively we can overcome our genetic programming.

Lyubomirsky has proven that the following 12 activities, used individually or in combination, do increase one’s happiness over time.

1. Express gratitude to others. Find three things a day to be grateful about.

2. Work on being optimistic by looking at the bright side. Find the silver lining in a cloud.

3. Stop focusing on comparisons with others. Be yourself.

4. Practice acts of kindness. Do a good deed daily.

5. Nurture social relationships. Make time for your family and friends.

6. Learn strategies for coping. Dispute your negative beliefs in writing and consider more optimistic explanations for the problem.

7. Learn to forgive. Write a letter of forgiveness, which you can choose to mail.

8. Increase “flow experiences” by making time to enjoy what you are doing.

9. Savor life’s joys, past, present and future.

10. Commit to your goals by writing them down and developing a plan to implement them.

11. Maintain a spiritual or religious connection. Be open to your higher source.

12. Take care of your body. Eat well, exercise and relax.

Sources: Lyubomirsky, Sonja. (2008). The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want. New York: The Penguin Press.

Seligman, Martin. (2004).
Authentic Happiness. New York: Free Press.

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Handle yourself on an job interview like you would if you were on TV

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on August 25, 2010

If you were on a guest on a television talk show you would want to present yourself as intelligent, articulate,  and seem enthusiastic.  You want to display those same characters for a job interview.

On television interviews, it matters what you wear. People have been known to undress  for both television and job interviews. You want to wear what’s appropriate for your job. Do your research find out  what is  right for that company’s culture. If you are a man wear a dark  suit or at least a tie and slacks. If you are a woman  you can wear a dress or pants suit. It’s important that you feel like yourself, and not feel as though you’re  wearing a costume.

Women should be careful with accessories, select accessories that allow for a statement of personal style, but don’t overwhelm the interviewer. Don’t wear piercings, expect earrings.  Be careful with applying make up, for television more make up is better.  For a job interview less is best.

The secret to success with television  and job interviews is  not to get too comfortable. Being in an interview situation can drain your energy. You have to counter that by being less relaxed and more animated. Body language and good posture are important.  Become less comfortable  by sitting straight on the edge of  the chair with your hands placed loosely in your lap and not leaning back in the chair, draping your arms over the arms. Smile as you extend your hand to shake the interviewers hand. Provide a firm 3 second handshake.

Use the interview’s name. Do not use their first name unless they suggest it. Do not talk too fast, it will make you seem nervous. It’s hard for the interviewer to concentrate on what you are saying when you are talking too fast. Speak clearly and use a friendly conversational tone.

Keep your responses brief while saying what you need to say. Avoid one word answers such as yes or no. Give elaborate answers.   Never share personal information. Unlike being  a guest on the television show it is okay and encouraged to use industry jargon so you can show your expertise.

Help the interviewer understand what is  the most important point by saying so. Use the” tell me about yourself” question to do just that.  Sell yourself, share your skills and strengths with the interviewer. Do ask questions about the job and / or the company.

Never go off the record. Do not say anything you wouldn’t want to see in print or hear on the news. Speak with the understanding that what you are saying will be used. Do not chew gum or bring food to the interview. No background noise. Never use profanity. Don’t talk bad about your former employer or managers. That will give the interviewer a bad impression. Do not talk about salary or benefits.

Correct inaccuracies or mis- perceptions. Always be polite and use good manners. Do not interrupt the interviewer while they are talking. Do express appreciation for the the interviewer’s time. Do not answer illegal questions, politely re-direct.  The interviewer is prohibited by law to ask about your age, sex, ethnic background, marital status, and religion.

When the interviewer ask if you’d like to add anything, provide additional important information, use this opportunity to express your interest in the job. Summarize your strengths and skills again. Thank the interview again for their time.

Reprinted From The People’s Employment Journal

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The Day Before the Interview…(Interview tips pt 2)

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on August 6, 2010

  • Photographer: Filomena Scalise

    Make plans for getting to the interview: know exactly where you’re going to and to whom you’ll be speaking. Allow extra time to get to your interview in case there are delays due to weather or traffic.

  • Buy a subway , bur or train ticket: fill your car with gas: or reconfirmed other transportation plans.
  • Wear your interview attire, ensuring it is clean and pressed.
  • Make sure you have at least two pairs of new or as good as new hosiery. Your hosiery should be sheer, off-black or nude.
  • Confirm child care and any other plans that require you to depend on someone else. Have back -up plans in case your primary ones fall through.

The Night Before the Interview…

  • Check the weather forecast. Will you need a umbrella? Should you wear a coat ?
  • Plan how you wear hair and makeup. You shouldn’t try anything new, and your appearance should be appropriate for a professional setting.
  • Your fingernails should be conservative in length and color, and your polish should not be chipped.
  • Do as  much of your morning preparation as you can for both yourself and your family.
  • Do something to relax, such as taking a warm bath or exercising.
  • Eat a healthy dinner and go to bed early.

Pack your bag for the interview. Remember to bring

  • Photo identification for building security or your application
  • Directions to the interview and the exact address, including floor and suite numbers
  • The name and phone number of the interviewer in case you’re running late
  • A few copies of your resume and cover letter. Don’t forget to prepare a list of professional references, too
  • A pad of paper and pen
  • Samples of your work if you’ve been asked to bring them or think you might have an opportunity to show them
  • The questions you’ve prepared to ask the interviewer.

This information was reprinted from a brochure created by Robert Half International, the exclusive staffing services partner of Dress for Success

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5 Steps to Preparing for a Succesful Interview

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on August 3, 2010

Congratulations, you have made it to the second stage of the employment search. Now that you have landed an interview, what do you do?

1.  Do your Research

The first thing you want to do after you have been asked to come for an in person interview is research the company. You can do this  by checking out the company’s website. Read the company’s history, vision and mission statements. Search for  any information about the department that you are seeking  a position in. You can also check Sorkin’s directory in the library or read St. Louis business journal or search other , local publications for information about the company.

2. Create your Interview Questions and Answers

Next search on-line and  for sample interview questions or go to the library and check out some books about interviewing.  Select some questions and prepare your answers. Then practice interviewing in front of the mirror, set up a  mock interview session with a friend or family member. You can even recorder it with a camcorder.

3. Dress the part

Pick out a professional outfit. If you are in a creative industry you can show a little personality with your attire. For men select a suit and tie preferably in dark colors. Women  have more choices a dress, pants ,or suit with skirt preferably in dark colors. Leave your jewelry at home (wear minimum jewelry). No body jewelry. Women should decide to take a purse or portfolio. Make sure you have plenty of copies of your resume

4. Know before you go

Make sure you have a way to the interview. Remember to keep up the maintenance on your vehicle during your job search. The day of your interview is  a bad time to have flat or break down.  Before you go to the interview make sure you know where place is. Drive the route if necessary. Get directions if you need then from yahoo or google maps. Consult a street guide or call the company for directions, if you do not have internet access. If you are a parent arrange for childcare.

5. Ready, Set, Action

Arrive at the interview alone, no more than 10 to 15 minutes early. If you  are going to be late , call and let the interviewer know. Do not smoke before the interview. Turn off your cell phone. Once you arrive greet the receptionist. Ask for the rest room and check your appearance in the mirror, and take care of any other concerns. Get rid of any gum or candy.

Reprinted from the The People’s Employment Journal

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Processing Pain

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on July 29, 2010

There’s a big difference in stumping your toe and dropping a motor on your foot. The level of pain is different. The level of damage is different. And hence, the method and length of healing will be different. Seems simple to understand when put that way, but we don’t act like it when it concerns emotional pain.

Just because you can’t see the scar doesn’t mean it’s not there. We have to be careful to allow people to fully process their pain. It doesn’t matter if we think someone should be over something by now. Our opinions are useless and can be counterproductive.

Processing pain involves a time period of grieving and yes for some, wallowing. Not everyone is going to go through their trials the same way, but the thing is to let them go through it with our support. Our jobs are to gently support and guide a person toward something better on the other side of pain. We should show them the light that is awaiting them when the process is finished, not time how long the process takes.

If you have, and we all have, hurting people in your life, don’t judge them if they appear weak to you. You don’t know what they’ve been through and you don’t know how much it may have hurt them. And you also don’t know how powerful they can be when all the hurting is done. You be an encourager and remind them that it won’t hurt always. They won’t feel weak always. Things can get better with time if they let it. But don’t you dare make a hurting person feel guilty because they are hurting.

Lacresha Hayes is the author of bestseller, The Rape of Innocence: Taking Captivity Captive. She is also a consultant to churches and businesses, as well as a grant writer. She works tirelessly with victims of sexual and physical abuse and is a speaker on the RAINN Speaker’s bureau.

For more information, visit her website,http://lacreshatheauthor.weebly.com/

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De Stress In 5 Minutes or Less

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on July 29, 2010

Breathe consciously for energy clarity and balance.
S-t-r-e-t-c-h to restore full range of motion.’
Move your body to relax or energize-take a walk!
Look at it from a different perspective.
What is your WHY, personally and for the project?
Think with your head and your heart to tap into your highest intelligence.
Realign with your core values.
Complete something-anything!
Connect with someone who lifts your spirits.
Massage your neck shoulders, arms, hands, temples.
Remember your personal measures for success.
Drink a refreshing glass of water.
Call your coach or a mentor to get clear and centered.
Imagine being in your favorite place in nature.
Eat a heart- healthy snack.
Think about someone or something you appreciate.
Smile. Find the humor in the situation.
Quiet your mind with a short meditation.

Patty Cook, Executive and Life Coach
Life by Design, LLC
(636) 861-9100 or 1 800 236-9100

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