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I would like to introduce you to our Professional Women’s Group 2010 Success Summit delegate and Community Action Project (CAP) Leader Ly Syin Lobster.

Ly Syin was selected to represent our organization because of her commitment to the Professional Women’s Group (PWG) and her leadership skills.  The CAP has two desired outcomes; to make a difference in the community and to encourage women who have benefited from local agencies in the past to give back.  Ly Syin’s charge, as project leader is to call members to action; to develop, plan, implement and complete the Community Action Project (CAP) by April of 2011.

This year the PWG members have decided to focus on homeless women. Members believe because of their personal experience in overcoming obstacles they will able to assist homeless women and female ex-offenders. Their goal is to assist women by encouraging them to utilize technology and to educate them about community resources that are available.  PWG will host workshops and a conference focusing on the areas of career advice, women’s health, and personal finances.

Please give generously to assist Dress for Success Midwest PWG in making a difference in the life of the homeless.



Mary Cribbin
Director of Operations and Organizational Excellence

Connections to Success
1701 N. 2nd Street
St. Charles, MO  63301
Office: (636) 940-8027 ext. 119
Fax: (636) 940-8036


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