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The Dress for Success Professional Women’s Group provides women with support, practical information and
inspiration to achieve self-defined success in career and life.
What It Is: The Professional Women’s Group is an international networking association for Dress for Success clients
who have recently entered the workforce, some for the first time, to provide support, practical information and inspiration to help women achieve self-defined success in career and in life. It is the first and only employment retention model that moves low-income women towards self-sufficiency by addressing their social and economic needs in relation to work, home and community.
Why It Works: Women making the transition from unemployment into the workforce face a myriad of challenges, from understanding corporate culture to handling personal finances, often with no support or guidance. The Professional Women’s Group provides a safe environment where members can learn how to network and develop professional skills.
How It Works: Members attend monthly seminars on a variety of career development topics. Each meeting consists of two key elements: an expert speaker leading an informational discussion and a networking period. In addition to monthly meetings, members receive opportunities for career coaching, mentoring, discounts on various products and
services, and additional clothing and accessories to complete a working wardrobe. Members also have the opportunity to become their affiliate’s representative at the annual Success Summit, our signature leadership
conference for select PWG members and coordinators.
The twelve-month leadership development and career advancement curriculum includes:
Unwritten rules of the workplace-  Written rules of the workplace
Financial literacy – Work/Life balance and wellness
About our program and participants…

  • 60 Dress for Success affiliates have Professional Women’s Group programs.
  • There are currently more than 11,000 PWG members worldwide.
  • Over 50 PWG members receive leadership training at our annual Success Summit and lead a community action
  • project in their communities.
  • 76% of Professional Women’s Group members remain employed.
  • The majority of members are employed in the healthcare, clerical, and hospitality fields.
  • 84% of Professional Women’s Group members are the primary wage-earner. Nearly half of our members have
  • children under the age of 18 and many have their 20-something children still living at home. 12% also care for
  • their parents or grandchildren.
  • 20% of members enrolled in or completed educational programs. 12% of members have either a 2- or 4-year
  • college degree.
  • 75% of PWG members reported that they could handle the unexpected without a problem or with hard work.
  • Over 70% of PWG members reported that they have definite career and personal goals that they would like to
  • achieve.
  • 12% own their own home.
  • The average age of a Professional Women’s Group member is 42. Most women have 2 or more children. More
  • than 69% of members are women of color. More than 25% are married or in long-term stable relationships.
  • 65% of Professional Women’s Group members have a checking account and 38% have a savings account.


  1. Willie Mae Patton said

    I am interested in joing. Please let me know what is required.

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