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The Basics: Advice on getting the Interview

Posted by Dress for Success Midwest Professional Women's Group on August 27, 2010

Getting an interview for a position you have applied for is not as easy as it sounds. Below are a few basics to increase your chances of getting a call back from the company you would like to work for

Courtesy of Michelle Meiklejohn

.1) Keep your CV updated and concise. Mention the critical learning’s from each job and how long the position was held for.

2) Spelling and Grammar are important. Use spell check, proof read your CV, get a second opinion. Make your first impression a lasting one and increase your chances of getting that interview.

3) Resume formatting does not have to be stayed. You can keep your individuality and still make your CV look professional. The norm is to keep it chronological, informative without being too drawn out.

4) Do not embellish your CV. You can elaborate on your experiences but you must be able to substantiate your experiences and skills.

5) When sending your CV to apply for a position, personalize the company and contact name for each application you send through. The employer will not look kindly on generic blanket applications.

6) The reality is that you can be under or over qualified for a position. If you are under qualified do not feel offended if the company does not want to spend resources on training you, there will be another opportunity down the road. Be realistic about your skill set and target positions where there could be a potential match. Being overqualified also has it challenges. A company could be concerned with whether you will be satisfied with the position and stay for a long term. Be honest with yourself. Jumping around on your CV makes employers nervous.

7) Follow up. Make the call; companies could not be getting back to you because they have been sidetracked. There is nothing wrong following up and finding out additional information on the position.

8) Be patient, finding a job takes time in the current market. Do not get despondent.

9) Register your CV updated on job portals. Agency and companies use this resource to find candidates from the current talent pool.

10) Use a litmus test in the back of your mind when applying for a position, is this a position you could really see yourself in day in and day out? Be true to yourself.

Good Luck with you Job Search, hopefully the above puts you ahead of the game.

Lianne du Toit

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